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For years prior to RAWR, I fed my cats the best dry and canned food I could find only to later find out that the commercial pet industry puts a lot into marketing and very little care into the food they produce. I want to encourage a change in the way we feed our pets.

By feeding RAWR to our cats, we are making a conscious decision to play an active role in how our pet food is made and where it comes from. Not only does the purchase of RAWR support the health of our pets,  it also supports local farms and sustainable farming methods. Based in Oakland, CA, RAWR’s mission is to care of our environment both locally and globally.

Two years ago, after seeing an increasing demand for an alternative to commercial pet food I decided it was time to produce RAWR for the public. I am thrilled to hear from my clients about the positive changes they have seen in their cats, while simultaneously feeling a sense of pride knowing that the food I have created has been made consciously and with care.

I created RAWR to address the health concerns I had for my own cat, Milton. He suffered from low energy, significant digestive problems and an unpredictable temperament, all with no apparent cause.

After countless hours at the vet with little explanation I was told Milton was destined to be on a prescription diet for the rest of his life. He was not happy, and neither was I.

A month into his new diet I saw no real change. His ailments were still present. My frustration led me to spend countless hours researching a way to cure his ailments without the use of medical intervention and I ended up with a mountain of information supporting that a raw diet is best for cats and their optimal health. I set to making him raw food using my blender at home, and haven’t looked back.

In the past 10 years of being on this diet, I have seen significant improvements in his health. His digestive issues disappeared within a week of the new diet, his energy is that of a kitten, he maintains an ideal weight, and has the silkiest, softest fur around. His temperament it is even and predictable, which is quite impressive for a cat. As I meet new clients and their cats and hear their own stories of struggle I am a true believer that the majority of health problems plaguing our pets can be resolved through a raw food diet.

Sabrina, RAWR Owner
Like A Lion, LLC


Thoughts from Sprinkles the Cat: “The first time I tried RAWR I felt so happy and energized that I had to let my mother know, vocally. Rawr is the freshest and tastiest raw food out there, I promise.”

My cat Sprinkles eats better than I do! I’ve never seen her get so excited and energized over food. She’s like a kitten all over again trapped inside a 10 year olds body.

– Chloe, San Francisco

My kitty Bruce Lee came to me from a shelter with severe and smelly diarrhea. After trying vet prescribed antibiotics and probiotics, nothing was working until raw food! Now with Sabrina’s RAWR diet we have firm and beautiful stools with no smell and a happy, bouncy, and fierce kitty.

She can’t wait to eat each tasty bite and cleans her plate each meal. It’s great knowing that her food is fresh and healthy and hasn’t been sitting around for months getting frost bitten.

Also, Sabrina delivers to my work which helps this busy kitty mom save time tremendously! I feel so lucky to have found the best cat food ever!

-Eunhye, San Francisco

Rawr satisfies! When I adopted two kittens from a rescue shelter, they were on the raw diet. The woman who ran program suggested I continue after the adoption, as she noticed that all of her kittens thrived on it. My “kittens” are nearly 1 year old, and they are healthy and playful. Of course, Sabrina gets their undivided attention when she delivers the food!

I appreciate how knowledgeable Sabrina is about the benefits of the diet and how to adjust it as the kittens have grown. She is also 100% dependable in coordinating her deliveries. All in all, I am pleased to recommend RAWR’s products and service.

-Sydney, Mill Valley

I appreciate the value of my cats. They are members of my family and I love and respect them tremendously. It’s for these reasons and many others that I find it essential to give them the best in nutrition. I want them to live long happy lives. They deserve the best of everything. I have been giving them RAWR since Sabrina began. It made sense to me. Have you ever read the ingredients in a can of cat food? What is that stuff? I don’t eat food from a can, why should they?

My cats LOVE RAWR cat food. I know what everything is that they are eating. I like that. I like how supportive Sabrina is when I have questions. I like that I am not putting any money into a huge weird manufacturing industry where food is made without intention or thought. I like that all the ingredients are local and support my community. I like that Sabrina is a person who has cats and made food for her cats first. I will ALWAYS have cats….they will ALWAYS eat RAWR.

-Erika, San Francisco

I feel lucky to have been one of the early customers of Sabrina’s at RAWR. She is one of the most caring and conscious people I have every worked with and I trust her completely with the food she provides my kitties. My vet had told me that the splits in the skin that my kitty had on her paw was something that just happens yet once I started feeding her Sabrina’s food the splits completely disappeared! All of my kitties love her food. They come when they are called and never leave a drop of food on their plates! She’s sure got my vote!

-Judy, Sausalito

“Our rescue cat loves her RAWR cat food. She is thriving on it. I love it. It’s easy to feed, always looks fresh, even after opening while it waits to be eaten. It contains all the ingredients my cat needs. I’ve tried other raw cat foods but have been disappointed. The meat looks dry and sometimes frost bitten and always comes in plastic. After it’s opened the first time, the meat always takes on ice crystals. RAWR’s packaging is clean, compact, fresh and stays that way for the three months it spends in our freezer. No ice crystals, no brown drying and best of all, like I said, our cat loves it. And the packaging is recyclable.”

– Esther, Ventura

“My cats, Nico and Simone, were less than a year old when we first started them on the RAWR diet.  Simone had always had digestion problems, and I tried a number of different vet-recommended diets to solve them.  Some diets worked, some didn’t, but Simone didn’t seem to like any of them.  Then my aunt recommended Sabrina and RAWR food to me.  Nico and Simone both loved it from the beginning, and Simone’s digestion problems soon cleared up completely.  They are both happy and healthy cats, with soft, beautiful coats.  The food comes directly to my house, making it super convenient, and Sabrina is a wonderful resource for any questions about cat health and behavior. Buying RAWR food has been a great experience!”

– Marisa, San Francisco

“I have 4 cats who have been eating RAWR food for the past year. The food is always fresh and my animals are thriving on it. Having purchased raw foods for my pets for over 15 years, RAWR is the highest quality I have found. It is reasonably priced and packaged for ease of use. Dealing with RAWR has been easy and efficient and supportive of the special dietary needs of my animals. Five stars!”

-Janis, Woodside

“I’ve been fostering motherless kittens for years, and one of their most common health issues is digestive problems. Sometimes kittens become so weak that they can’t recover. Another foster parent recommended I try RAWR raw food for a kitten whose health and life were fading. I was surprised and grateful when the Rawr diet saved the kitten after medications, fluids and prayer failed! Hooray for RAWR!”

-Wendy, San Francisco

“I have been feeding Rawr to my cat, Batman, for almost a year now and she is so much healthier! Her fur is soft and she is thin and sleek. Everything about this diet seems better for her. She doesn’t bite and get irritated like she used to before meals and even the litter box is less stinky. Sabrina is kind enough to deliver the food right to my door twice a month and its reasonably priced. If you love your cat, you should feed it Rawr.”

– Andrea, San Francisco


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